Aeroneb Pro


Aeroneb Pro

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The aeroneb Pro provides effective dose delivery of physicianprescribed inhalation solutions for infants through adults requiring positive pressure breathing assistance, including mechanical ventiltion, as well as hand-held nebulizer therapy. Utilizing Aerogen’s QnQ™ Aerosol Generator, the Aeroneb Pro produces a fine particle, low velocity aerosol without environmentally unfriendly propellants, inefficient compressors or costly ultrasonic elements.

Efficient – Maximizes, does not collect, does not heat or degrade medications.

Flexible – Operates inline with standard ventilator circuits and mechanical ventilators in hospital, ambulatory clinics and during patient transport.

Cost-Effective – Low residual volume in medication and Autoclavable at 132°C-135°C (270°F-275°F).